These frequently asked questions will address most of your questions. Don’t forget to check out the Shipping and Returns page for information on those processes.

Shipping & Returns

All of our shipping and returns information can be found here.

Payment methods

  • What payment methods are accepted?
    On this website, we accept payment via credit or debit cards.
  • How are payments processed?
    We use Stripe.com as our payment processing provider.
  • Which currencies are accepted?
    We accept payment in Australian dollars. Foreign currency cards will be subject to Stripe.com’s currency conversion fees and exchange rate.

Gift Cards

  • Can gift cards be refunded or converted to cash?
    No. Once a gift card is purchased the sale is final.
  • What happens if I don’t spend all of my gift card value at once?
    The remaining balance remains available in your account. You can view your current gift card credit when logged in.
  • How do I use a gift card?
    You can apply your gift card when placing an order or you can save it for later use by logging in and visiting this page.
  • Can I use an online gift card at a CAZA gym?
    No. Gift cards can only be used to make purchases via our online store.
  • How long are gift cards valid for?
    180 days from the date of purchase.
  • Can I buy a gift card with a gift card?
    No. You can’t extend the expiry date of gift card credit by purchasing a new one. These orders will be rejected.

Website Security

  • Do you store my full credit card information on this website?
    No. Your credit card number and security code are never stored on our website. Your payment information gets encrypted and sent directly to Stripe.com (similar to PayPal), the payment processing company. Credit card data never enters or passes through our website’s database. We “store” some credit card information on our site via a secure method called tokenization. Tokenized payment methods can be used for recurring payments, pre-orders or for convenience in future purchases by logged-in customers. Credit card tokens include the last four digits of a card, the card brand/type, and its expiration date, mostly so customers can identify which token is for which card.
  • Does this website use SSL?
    Yes. The CAZA BJJ online shop is using a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate to ensure communication between your browser, our server and the payment processing providers are encrypted.